About - JWH Photography

Over the years photography has become my creative outlet that gets me outside.  It has slowed me down and helped me appreciate things that I might have walked right by and never noticed before.  Getting out in nature has helped me find some balance in this crazy fast pace world that we have created.  I look forward to going on hikes and even if I do not take any pictures it was still great to get out.

My interest in photography started many years ago when I was in the Navy and stationed in Naples, Italy.  I went to the local NATO base and bought a 35 mm Petri film camera to take pictures of the sites around Naples.  However it was actually a B&W image by Ansel Adams titled 'Clearing Winter Storm' that first made an impact on me.  I wondered how a person could create such a wonderful image.  This was the first time that I considered a photograph to be artwork as to me it was just a good as any other piece of art that I had seen. 

For me it has always been important to have a photography project or theme to keep the motivation/creative process flowing.  I believe that each geographical place you live has something interesting to photograph.  At first I was mainly interested in landscape photography only.  A few years later we moved and I learned to enjoy wildlife/bird photography because of the wonderful opportunities in that area.  Now we have moved again and I am back to my passion for finding/creating B&W landscape images.  

Scrambling Around