About - JWH Photography

Over the years photography has become my creative outlet that gets me outside.  It has slowed me down and helped me appreciate things that I might have walked right by and never noticed before.  I have found that getting out in nature is a energizing/healing process for me and has helped me find some balance in this crazy fast pace world that we have created.

My interest in photography started when I was in the Navy and stationed in Naples, Italy.  I went to the local NATO base and bought a 35 mm Petri film camera to take pictures of the sites around Naples.  Many years later it was actually a B&W image by Ansel Adams titled 'Clearing Winter Storm' that first made an impact on me.  This was the first time that I considered a photograph to be artwork as to me it was just a good or right up there with any other piece of art that I had seen. 

I have gone through many phases in my photographic journey but now I am back to my passion for creating unique B&W images.  Working in B&W gives me more of a creative freedom to display the natural elements that made me stop and look.  It is my goal to try and show more than the typical landscape image and let the viewer see nature's designs, patterns and some of the more dramatic scenes that sometimes last only a few minutes.

In reading one of my favorite photographer's books I wanted to share a sentence that made such an impact on me and continues to inspire my approach to photography today. 

"Now I know that the combination of light and form I seek are virtually infinite and that I will always have new and inspiring subject matter to pursue".     (Galen Rowell's book - 'A Retrospective')